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About Ebony and Chrome





To celebrate the contrast. To strike balance between the dark and the light.

"There's no shadow without the light."



Ebony and Chrome's owner, Sam.

Hello and welcome! 

I'm Sam, and Ebony and Chrome is my store and my first love.

Ebony and Chrome is inspired by tartan, 90's layers, old-school rock n' roll, thorny roses, misty mountains, bonfires, beautiful tattoos, heavy metal hardware, black-on-black, wildflowers, a serious pair of boots, all-denim-everything, a library of self-development books, and a long roadtrip with an acoustic guitar.

My style philosophy is this.. your personal style is, and should be, a complete, accurate reflection of your environment, influences, values and passions. Style is the external expression of yourself. It's the visual message you send to the world.

I don't buy into fast fashion and frivolous trends. I think your clothes should work with you and work for you. They should be completely congruent with who you are inside and they should allow you to get on with your day feeling comfortable and radiant.   

When you start to analyse why you are drawn to certain colours, prints and silhouettes, you'll see parallels with your environment.

In the mountains, we're drawn to the contrast. A rugged alpine environment withstands extreme heat and even more extreme cold. While there is real, soft-edged beauty in abundance, you need to have a bit of edge to really survive. In a cold climate, I've noticed women like to balance soft femininity with a bit of tough edge. 

By the ocean, where it's warm, people love blue, coral, white. They wear light, floaty silhouettes. So when you observe the beach on a breezy day, or the mountains on an overcast day, with the first snow high on the hills...  it suddenly all makes sense. 

We encourage our customers to remember their passions, their influences, their needs for movement, their favourite physical features and their individual environment. My goal is to help you find the perfect piece to express yourself at Ebony and Chrome.

To all those who have found their way here, to our home on the net. Thank you SO much for your connection & support! 

xxx Sam.




Ebony and Chrome Boutique was established in 2013, when owner Samantha Percival was 26 years old. On graduating with a Dip. Design in Fashion Design, Samantha had a vision of a fashion aesthetic that wholly encapsulated the wild spirit of the rebel women that inspired her.

Based in the snow resort town of Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia, Samantha was surrounded by nomadic world travellers, ravers, season chasers and dynamic changers. Ebony and Chrome is her tribute to them and the hometown that she loves. 

For more info on our Snowy Mountains store and its location, check out the "visit" tab.